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Thursday, October 1, 2009

A surprise from Forks!

You will never guess what happened! My daughter Shelby won the drawing at Sully's Drive In from Bella's birthday weekend! A box arrived in the mail on Monday addressed to her, with a return address from Forks, but no name. We thought, "did she forget something at the place we stayed and they're mailing it back?"

But no, inside we were ECSTATIC to find the Twilight Board Game, and a personal note from Bruce Guckenberg, the owner of Sully's Drive In.

We sat right down after dinner Monday night and played until bedtime.  It is a pretty fun game, you draw cards, answer trivia questions or do story challenges, and you try to manuever around the board and collect 8 scene cards.  Whoever collects the 8 scene cards first wins the game .....I won!

Here is a picture of Shelby just after she opened the package, and one later of us playing the game...be good to me and we might invite you over for a game!