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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An experience at Twilight

At Sulley's Restaurant

We took our picture with Bella's truck at the park, did a tour of the Forks High School, took a  picture at Dr. Cullen's parking spot at the Hospital, drove by the Police Department...One of the things 'the family' had a little confusion with was that the things we were seeing weren't in the movie....I had to keep reminding them...now this is where Bella was in the REAL story - the BOOK, they just weren't able to film here, but this is the REAL PLACE....etc.

We stopped at every booth at Tillicum Park. Tristan was mesmerized by a local young man creating glass beads, inspired by Twilight...His grandmother was selling the beads made into necklaces with little metal charms that say 'forks' or hearts that have B & E on them, with keys and just very cool eclectic style to them. I couldn't decide on one, but I found a bead that I loved and am having them rework the stuff on it with a Forks tag and a key that I liked. They're going to mail it to me. I'm also going to order a couple of the small beads for Tristan and Shelby to make their own bracelets with.  check it out at www.theforksforest.etsy.com   

My favorite store is 'Dazzled by Twilight' - every single thing in the store is Twilight stuff, including the window displays of Emmett and Rosalies wedding, Rosalies Wedding dress and veil, Jaspers Union soldier outfit from the civil war, and a certain 'baby vampire with a bottle of red liquid...The ambiance inside is amazing - trees, water, and a gazebo with lights for a 'prom' photo -op. In the back is  black light room where everything glows.  Also in the back are several cases displaying the owners prized possessions - autographed photos posters, and one of a kind collectibles from her experiences with the Twilight crew.   

After dinner, we went down to First Beach, and there was already a bonfire going...we thought we'd have to wait for sunset, but before long here comes Mark, the Quileute storyteller, with a gal who's head of the reservation school, and Tinsel Corey, who plays Emily in 'New Moon'!! After the storytelling Tinsel was available for autographs and pictures....I didn't have $20 cash to pay for an autograph so we got a picture with her - at least something. All the proceeds from her autographs and photos go directly to the reservation school. She also spent some time at the school talking to the kids and giving some acting advice/lessons. If we hadn't had dinner early, we wouldn't have been down to the beach on time to hear the stories and see her.  Amazing how things worked out.  Storytelling is a very sacred tradition with the people, so they ask that no one video tape or take pictures during the storytelling.   These activities also 'break the circle' the strength and vision that the storytelling circle create.  I did take one picture of Mark (ya ya, I ran back to the car for my New Moon book, and didn't hear the part about no pictures, so someone told me and I stopped - but no I'm not deleting the picture!), but it won't be posted here, out of respect for their wishes.  It'll be in my scrapbook, along with the picture of me and the kids with Tinsel.
Tinsel Corey!

Sunday, on the way home, we stopped at Kalama High School and took pictures where the movie was actually filmed....all the scenes at the school in the movie are here, we even walked up the hill in the back of the school as if we were going into the woods like Bella and Edward and they thought that was really fun. Kalama is really charming (steep) early 1900's houses on hills and lots of beautiful views. I can see why they filmed there, but it was one of the few places actually in Washington where they filmed. Apparently it was to expensive with the sales tax in WA...and Twilight was done on a pretty small budget.
Not a volvo or
This is where Bella walked!                              a vampire    . but he's one in a million!

We plan on visiting few more of the movie locations in Carver, St Helens and Cannon Beach. I've never done anything like this before -but it is really fun!  If you want to see any of the movie sights, or travel to the REAL FORKS, check outForks Chamber of Commerce and Twilight film locations.


Jessica said...

Ellen!!!!! I am SOOOOO jealous!!! Next time take me with you!! How fun is that??? Look at all those pictures! Thanks for the goodies, AHHHHHH!

MiMi said...

Uh, okay, so all weekend I kept pushing it to the back of my brain..."Ellen's in Forks...lucky...wish I was there..." and I made it to the end of the weekend. But I'm glad I didn't think about it more because I.AM.JEALOUS!!! FUN! Thank you for the goodies! This is awesome. I wanna go. :)

Jessy said...

Hey Ellen, sounds like you had a lot of fun!! We were down there for Stephenie Meyer day also and it was a blast. Thanks for referencing our site. We were wondering if we could repost your story to share with our readers. please contact me @ TwilightBlogs.com or email me at jessica@twilightblogs.com
Thanks so much!!

jennykate77 said...

I am a HUGE Twilight fan!! Mimi sent me over...she told me that she was a bit jealous and now I see why!!! I'm squealing with delight over here at each and every picture! I love that you met Tinsel and got to hear storytelling on "La Push Beach"!! It's La Push, baby! The pics of Forks are awesome! That is my dream vacation. :P You just totally made my day! Hope you have a great one!♥

MiMi said...

I have an award for your blog! :)

Ellen said...

Thanks all of you, it's especially fun hearing about how JEALOUS you all are! An unexpected perk from my trip....he he he, hopefully you'll still talk to me after this! JennyKate77, glad to have you on board! I just learned today that my necklace from the Forks Forest is IN THE MAIL....so I'll be posting pictures as soon as it gets here! Macy, what does this award entail, exactly? Is there cash involved?

Ellen said...

Does anyone else notice that I use exclamations A LOT!???!!!